The benefits of MultiClick are clear:


Automatic loading, unloading and cleaning of up to 30 clichés with an average saving of 2 minutes per cliché.


Clichés come out completely clean and dry, ready to store and ready for the next run.


Lower consumption, as it offers cleaning/drying with minimum water and detergent consumption (recirculation).

Easy operation

With a touchscreen where you can select the clichés to be cleaned, the speed and the detergent and water consumption.


It minimizes the risk of cliché breakage. It also avoids cliché deterioration by keeping the clichés clean and dry.

Warranty and financing

It offers a 12 month warranty and the possibility to finance the equipment for 2 to 5 years.

Equipment for the corrugated market

With MultiClick, you can clean a cliché every 3 minutes without any intervention from the operator with an optimal result and with very low detergent and water consumption.

What are the main values of MultiClick?


Cliché loading and unloading time: 5 seconds per cliché.


You can clean solid and liquid resin clichés which are 2mm – 6mm thick, with or without foam.

Environmentally friendly

Non ADR liquid which is recyclable and does not cause any problems with the operation of the treatment plant.

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